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Digital Backdrops

The brief

Truvid is a unique technological-driven platform that empowers publishers and end-users by delivering unmatched video experiences. Truvid enables publishers to consume, deliver and monetize quality video experiences while granting content owners a dedicated and transparent distribution channel that they can instantly profit from.


The Challenge

The challenge was to catch the attention of publishers while simultaneously delivering information about the benefits of using the platform. Truvid also offers various business solutions for content creators, such as AI video creation, universal tags and safety, which helps deliver the content in the best possible way. Our challenge was to capture all the benefits and display them in the most convenient and persuasive way.

The Approach and Solution

The visuals should be vivid and eye-catching and must showcase different types of content that could be shared through the system without losing the quality. The colors would have to reflect the companies main values and highlight them effectively.

We have chosen the color blue to convey trust, security, reliability, and high quality. We added the call to action and contact form on every page that would drive publishers to complete the lead form. Also, the use of the negative space within this project was not only for design purposes but also in way of standing out and driving attention. We also created several icons and symbols for easy navigation.


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