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The brief

3Dsellers gives you all the selling tools you need to manage, automate and grow your eBay business. The company started as a project set up by two friends and through the years grew into a company that now serves more than 200,000 eBay sellers.
For the past decade 3Dsellers has been a leading source of the best tools for eBay sellers on the market, but it had to change in order to cater for new trends and stay on top of the competition, as the number of competitors offering similar tools has increased thanks to the huge growth of the ecommerce market.

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The Challenge

When you are one of the oldest and most experienced companies on the market, it is sometimes difficult to stay on top of trends without losing the trust of existing customers gained through years of work and sacrificing your professional reputation. We needed to reimagine the product, giving it a more fresh, modern look but keeping it simple and professional from a design point of view. Using the UX approach, the challenge was to fit all the various tools and features into one simple website that would be easy to navigate and allow customers to find solutions quickly and effortlessly.

The Approach

We concentrated heavily on the UX part of the design process. We came up with solutions for different menu options that had a clear title and description and steered the customer to the right landing page where they could learn more about the product they needed without oversaturating the site with icons and texts. The design we came up with was a cherry on top given our complex UX solution that boosted the overall impression of the brand.


The Solution

From a design point of view, we came up with a simple solution of mixing blue, white and a hint of yellow highlights with a simple font and shapes with rounded edges. We also designed illustrations and icons that enhanced the experience and overall perception. Blue is known to be calming, professional and it gives a sense of trust, which perfectly fitted our idea of an experienced, trustworthy brand, The yellow and green highlights and the style of illustrations give the site a more modern look.


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