5 Reasons Your Pitch Deck Needs Adequate Design


Preparing a pitch deck can be as difficult as it is expressive. What do I mean? Well, that a successful pitch deck goes hand-in-hand with adequate design. There are numerous reasons why incorporating your intent and passion into your presentation can provide all the difference. Let’s look over the top five reasons why amplifying design with your pitch deck is going to provide higher chances of success versus taking the basic route. 

The first clear reason is that it provides evidence of motivation and passion. If someone is involved enough with their firm, they are going to feel the need to create a presentation that grabs attention because they are aiming for a successful outcome, but also because they have the desire to give the right impression of their company. The pitch deck can be presented to numerous different individuals who have the potential of impacting the company in various ways. With the impact this component of the company provides, it is essential for sake of growth that the right message is given. To offer evidence that the company is ran with motivation and passion, putting together a well-designed pitch deck is a key strategy.

A considerable reason to put together a designed pitch deck is to express professionalism in a visual way. The design theme for your pitch deck draws a picture for the potential investors as to what your central theme is for the company as a whole. It can build a form of trust for the investor that the company can be relied on in terms of professionalism. It seems to be that certain markets are best represented by specific color schemes, creating a desired atmosphere through art and design. This fact emphasizes why design is so important for a successful pitch deck.

Design is essential for a successful pitch deck because its role in the presentation is heavy. 

The slides throughout contain limited words, as the “storytelling” component is the prominent source of information. With this being the case, the design factor shines bright in terms of importance. Visual aids such as graphs and charts are a big part of the pitch deck for investors and utilizing proper design that correlates with your overall theme creates a cohesive flow that is appreciated by most professionals. 

A strong reason to focus on the effectiveness of your design is for the sake of presenting your originality. A company is only as unique as the people involved build it to be. Originality can be hard to find in the current marketplace, but it can be spotted by long-time investors with the right pitch deck- and this requires quality design. 

The fifth reason to focus on a successful design for your pitch deck is to create the right format and atmosphere for investors to want involved with your company - isn’t that the goal anyways? A promising pitch isn’t all about design, as selling a service/product/etc worth having is by far the most important component. The design though is what will create the attention you are aiming to receive. Using strategies such as bold, simple fonts that work well with your company’s logo and boarders that help categorize information in an easy to grasp way are all factors that are aligned with proper design.

If you are seeking a professional, successful, and influential pitch deck, do not downgrade the importance of design. If you have the opportunity to present your company to potential investors, ensure you are doing with the highest of odds! Utilize design and ensure it is doing its part in helping excel your firm. 

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