How to Increase Conversions & KPIs Through the Right Visuals


Don't be shy when it comes to custom visual content. Did you know you are seven times more likely to experience conversion by doing so? The way of internet marketing is complicated. The chances to thrive over burning out are teeter-tottering as the market grows in quantity and quality. Visuals are the golden ticket, so to speak- the foot in the door. They can make or break a company's success online, so it's essential to understand how to ensure you're pulling the long straw. 

First off, consider that we are more appeased by images than we are with words, in general, as a species. The mind can store direct images with visuals. Rather with words, it has to save imagined images (which is 60,000x slower than the latter). Do you see how this complicates things? It has been estimated that 65% of people are visual learners, leaving many potential customers needing visual marketing to make their consumer decisions. Just because this is true, though, does not mean that using visuals heavily is the answer. The combination of the two is the essential way to successful consumer retention.

65% of people are visual learners

Then there is the factor of appropriate image production and presentation. Quality photos are required at this point; up to date information is a must. Staying present and professional when it comes to selecting visuals is the most profitable way to achieve an increase in conversions and KPIs. Use only high-quality images that have been edited to meet the consumers' needs- whether that be a preference of poppy colors or embellishments along with the frame, do what you must.

Videos are such a great visual aid to catching conversions. They give consumers an easy way to visualize themselves, receiving the product or service, creating a more in-depth desire. Beyond that, they can help answer questions and concerns concisely, while when working with only photos and text, there is room for confusion. It also seems that the consumers are reading less and less of the content put on a page. As the internet increases in speed and vibrance, videos become a centerpiece in the realm of marketing.

Finally, ask yourself what category your products or services fit into. Depending on what you're trying to sell, numerous social sites are great platforms to target consumers on. The right visuals for these forms of marketing are essential. Working with influencers and ambassadors allows for the spread of opinions and direct reviews on physical goods. It can give you access to numerous high-quality photos and testimonials that can be used in the future for extended marketing tactics. To achieve this degree of payout, you will need to provide acceptable and aesthetic visual content that works in favor of drawing in your target audience. Take note of the difference you see in ADA and RPC, specifically when alternating the style of visuals. These KPIs will give you insight as to what tones work best with your target market.          

Hopefully, this helped get you on track with the importance of thoughtful visuals for successful online marketing. Conversions and KPIs increase depending on appropriate visuals; this can include photos, videos, charts/graphs, or even text art. Don’t hesitate to critique your content, as you should always strive to improve. 

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